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Desay SV Auto launched its ”HD • Touch” series of infrared screen

Time:2013-04-11 17:09:59

During the Guangzhou Dealer Convention heldon February 25, Desay SV launched its "HD • Touch" series of infraredscreen.

The sophisticatedinfrared technology was brought into the in-car navigation industry by thisinfrared screen, which is a revolutionary solution to the problems, such asdrift after being used for long time, unsmooth moving on screen, seriousreflection of light, uneven surface, etc, which seriously affect userexperience in current market. Any tangible object is able to change theinfrared ray from the touch point and conduct operation on touch panel. Thecontact to infrared is immune from the interference of currents, voltage andelectrostatic, therefore, infrared technology will be the ultimate developmenttrend of touch panel products.

On Feb 26th, along with thelaunching of "HD • Touch" series of infrared screen, the 9thGuangzhou International Automobile Conversion Services Exhibition was opened.Desay SV “moved” its franchise stores, which is the first one in the industrythat designed with interactive user experience concept, into the exhibition. A largenumber of visitors were attracted by this new idea. The exhibition hall, which wasdivided into different areas according to different functions, is just like amini retailer store that deeply impressed the visitors with consistent and professionalbrand image. One-stop shopping service of the whole categories is the corefunction of Desay SV franchise store, which is also the highlight of thisexhibition. In addition to some bestsellers,such as the new generation of car networking application system——SiVi LINK, the integrated health navigation——SiVi BREATH, and the high international standards of IP65 gradewaterproof and dustproof Caterpillar instrument, the ultimate NAV262 speciallydesigned for all models of VW was demonstrated with high profile as well. Afterfirsthand experience, many professional were full of praise with the smooth andprecise touch experience of SiVi LINK as well as the health features of SiVi BREATHwhich are both built in NAV262

The stunning birth of the infrared screenand the fabulous show on the modification Fair in Guangzhou unveils a perfect prelude for thebrand of Desay SV in 2013.

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